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We offer more than academic lessons, and we regard activities as an important part of our total provision. Ethos and Values of the School Activities cover a wide range of sporting events (for which our facilities are excellent), regular music and dance The individual is the focus of all the school's activities. The highest standards of conduct, courtesy and consideration Media (from primary to high school) as well as a range of other clubs, viz. Science Club, Nature Club, Media for others, appearance, industry and academic achievement are striven for, with an ideal of mutually respectful that Math's Club and group activities. We pride ourselves on these and on the wide range of other activities that relationships amongst all members of the school community. Initiative is both demonstrated and encouraged by athe members of the staff provide. Pupils are encouraged to make full use of the opportunities available. There is no committed staff, who give much to the pupils, and ask much of them. compulsion to take part, but pupils are expected to meet commitments once they have been made. Special coaching St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Polipathar aims to provide a humane and caring environment in which the are given in music, dance and drawing under the guidance of qualified teachers. At present the following activities are character, personality, individuality and awareness of each pupil is developed, and an approach to life is encouraged. available:
  Sports and Games  
The school aims to give all students a firm grounding in team sports as a preparation for a recreational enjoyment in later life. The school has excellent facilities, an enthusiastic and well qualified staff and seeks to build bridges between sport as a school subject and opportunities available in the community. This helps to promote a healthy lifestyle to students in a pleasant environment.supervision and encouragement. It serves to foster team spirit and camaraderie in energetic youngsters. The school has its Annual Athletic Meet in the month of November/ December every year.The Athletic Meet is an exhibition of events demonstrating a high degree of perfection, co­ ordination and skill in the presence of spectators.There are very good playgrounds for football, volleyball, handball, badminton and indoor games like chess, carom, table tennis etc. are available.

Students are divided into four houses namely, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green with each House having House Master/ Mistress, House Captain and House Vice-Captain. A School Captain is also elected to lead the School following its motto "Virtus in Arduo" which means "Excellence Through Hardship".

Red House has its motto "Altius" meaning "Always Higher". This is a constant reminder to the house to try to reach the unreachable star, to rise ever upwards, to rise above the ordinary. This keeps the House going inspite of the difficulties and failures to achieve its goal.

Blue House has its motto "Fortius" meaning "Always Stronger". This inspires the house to become stronger physically, intellectually and spiritually. Strength of character is the way to success and happiness.
Green House has its motto "Citius" meani­­ng "Always Faster". It beckons the students of the house to be alert, agile and competent in all the activities of the school. This helps the Green House to keep pace with the fast developing world.

  Music, Dance & Band  

Our School aims for the perfect arena where little dancers chime up their first step, aspiring singers voice and tune their initial melodies and little fingers create magic and create wonders from plain material available. We provide ample opportunities for students with an aptitude for music and dance. Highly talented tutors and availability of different musical instruments help the budding musicians to pursue their interest with ease. Training for the School Band is given from Class VIII to XII through trained professionals under the guidance of capable teachers. The students are taught dances like classical, semi-classical, oriental, western, folk and ballet. The school is well equipped with instruments like tabla, synthesizer, harmonium, bongo and

  base drum. The students are taught prayer songs, semi classical songs and patriotic songs. There are two choirs junior and senior which are taught all the various occasional songs.  
  Aloysian Literary Activities

A diamond needs to be polished with great skill and patience if the sparkle has to be perfect. Children are like diamonds waiting to be explored. Hence we give unconditional support and encouragement to our students. They are given many opportunities to improve their languages through Aloysian English and Hindi Literary Associations. Their hidden talents like poem and essay writing, plays, jokes etc. are brought out through these associations. Students take part in many literary activities both in and out of the school. Various competitions are also conducted. Each class from 1 to XII bring out their own class magazine to which each and every student contributes in different forms. The school also brings out its annual magazine in which the children are the major contributors.

  Educational Tour / Picnics
The vision of our Institution is not only to provide subjective knowledge but also to provide with environmental studies. In this phase, every year school organises educational tour and picnic. This helps the students to furnish the quality of coordination and to know the irsurroundingswhich he I ps them to develop interest and love towards nature.
  Aloysian Service Wing, (ASW)

"Service to man is service to God". Students are encouraged to do charity work. A varied and developing programme of activities is followed to promote awareness and responsibility on a range of personal, social, environmental, economic and general issues. Aloysian Service Wing is an organization of staff and students of St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Polipathar for social work. The prime aim of ASW is to create social awareness in the minds of the students and prepare them to be of help to the less fortunate around them. They collect old dresses, books and money and distribute to the needy. They also raise funds through school annual fete. They visit old age homes and slums, central jail, orphanage and hospitals.

  Calendar of Activities

In the school calendar information about activities, achievements and forthcoming events is given. The teachers mainly communicate with the Parents through the School Calendar/Diary.

Links with parents and arrangements for them to visit the school
Special emphasis is placed on maintaining good relationships with parents. Continuous records of pupils assessed work are maintained by the teaching staff. These allow for detailed monitoring of academic progress. Written reports are sent regularly to the parents. There are Parent-Teacher Meetings / Open House periodically so that parents may discuss their child's progress with subject teachers and class teacher.
Meeting hours

Principal / Class Teacher / Subject Teachers can be met on working days as below:

Principal 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Teachers On any working day during free hours or with prior appointment/permission.


All major festivals and events are celebrated with active participation from the children to enable understand and appreciate our multi-cultural environment.